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Divorce: A New Year's Resolution in DC?

Every year many people spend the last few days of December planning their New Year’s resolutions.  There are the common ones like going to the gym more often and get in better shape or to quit smoking, and then there are ones that at first don’t seem too obvious.

As it turns out, getting a divorce is actually a common goal many people in troubled marriages hope to accomplish in the New Year.  According to a recent article from Market Watch, divorce filings have been seen to increase by as much as one-third in January year after year.

Researchers have started referring to the first Monday after New Year’s Day as “Divorce Monday.”  The increase in calls to Washington, DC divorce attorneys, and requests to actually file for divorce starts around this time and usually continues until early spring. 

There are variety of reasons people use this time of year as a time for action in the context of speaking with a divorce lawyer, and ultimately filing for divorce.  One of main reasons is that despite wanting to get out of a troubled marriage, many people are not prepared to serve their spouse with divorce papers over the holiday period.  This is especially true if the person has young children.

Another reason people tend to wait until January is that it is often hard to get cases heard by the courts from the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s due to many judges being away on vacation.  It is common to push back all non-emergency matters until the following year when scheduling court cases during that time.

In reality, there is no right or wrong time to speak with a divorce attorney.  Many people know they are in an unhappy marriage but decided to stay together until the kids leave the house.  Other people decided things aren’t going to get any better and it is probably better for everyone involved to end the marriage sooner rather than later.  There are all personal decision and there is no right answer that fits all situations. 

However, one of the best things you can do if you are considering getting a Divorce in the District of Columbia is to speak with a divorce attorney to learn what your actual options are.  Many people rely on information from friends and family or go online and try to figure how the laws work.  While there is nothing wrong with doing your own research, it is helpful to speak with an attorney who regularly handles family law cases to see how the law applies to your particular situation. 

Your attorney can look at your current financial situation, and discuss how a divorce will affect things.  Another common concern people have that often holds people back from speaking with a lawyer is how the divorce will affect your children.  There is no question a divorce will have a major impact on most minor children, but so can living in a troubled household.  These are things you should discuss during your initial consultation.

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