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Marital Mistakes Leading to Divorce in Washington, DC

Many people often wonder what went wrong with their marriage.  They wonder why things got as bad as they did, and why they are getting divorced.  These are normal questions.  A recent news article from the Huffington Post takes a look at some of the biggest mistakes couples made leading to divorce.

One common mistake, according to a certified sex therapist, was putting sex on the back burner.  The problem is fairly simple.  Avoiding or giving up on sex starts couples on a path often leading to divorce. Basically, it is often easier to give up on a sexless marriage.  This therapist recommends if there is a chance at salvaging your sex life, it is often worth trying, because this can also save a troubled marriage. No matter how well the couple can manage all other aspects of their marriage from paying bills and raising children, it will not stop at least one spouse from feeling like a roommate rather than a husband or wife if there is not sex in the marriage. 

Another common mistake, this one according to a divorce attorney, is having unrealistic expectations for your marriage.  The crux of this behavior is failing to accept your spouse, yourself, or your marriage as things truly are.  Spouses must realize that things will not always be great.  If you can deal with the bad, and get through things, that may be a sign of a good marriage.  If you assume things should could be better and it’s your spouse’s fault, you may be viewing things in an unrealistic light and this can lead to divorce.

The next common mistake was expecting your spouse to fix all of your problems.  You may have baggage going into the marriage, and your spouse may be of some help in working on some of these issues, but it is not realistic or healthy to depend on your spouse to fix everything. 

Getting too comfortable with your marriage can also lead to a divorce.  Taking things for granted often turns into laziness, and laziness turns into resentment.  Not helping around the house anymore, or cooking dinner, or even asking your spouse how his or her day went can lead to problems. 


Another major mistake is avoiding discussions about financial issues.  Some couples, or at least one spouse in a marriage, may not like discussing financial issues.  Whether those issues involve overspending, or failing to plan, they can often become major problems that can explode and destroy an otherwise strong marriage.

There were various other big mistakes discussed in this article, but the most important thing is to identify the problem(s) and try to work on things before matters get worse.  However, as a Washington, DC divorce lawyer, I often speak with people who have tried and know things will not get better.  If you are at that point in your marriage, the sooner you speak with an attorney and get realistic about divorce, the better off you may be when the dust settles.

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