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Oil Giant to Appeal $1 Billion Alimony Award

According to a recent article from ABC News, billionaire energy mogul Harold Hamm is planning to appeal a court-ordered divorce settlement that requires him to give around $1 billion to his now ex-wife.  The judge awarded her $995.4 billion in alimony from the couple’s 20-year-marriage.

She also plans to appeal this ruling on grounds that the settlement amounts to only around five percent of their estimated combined marital wealth of $18 billion.  Hamm earned much of his money from being an early investor in shale oil.

The divorce judge’s spousal support order requires Hamm to pay his ex-wife $322 billion by the end of 2014, and make payments of $7 million per month until the balance has been paid. She was also awarded the couple’s marital home worth around $4.6 million, another home worth $800,000, and California estate worth over $17 million.  The court calculated her total award to approximately $2 billion.

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Saxon v. Zirkle: On Child Support in Washington, DC

Child support is often one of the most heavily litigated areas of family cases in Washington, DC.  In a recent case, Saxon v. Zirkle, the D.C. Court of appeals addressed this issue.  In Saxon, husband and wife were married and had one child.  The parties separated in 2009 and the father filed a child custody action in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

The trial court ordered the father to pay approximately $1370 in child support payments each month. The trial court also appointed two guardian ad litems (GALs) to be responsible for the best interests of the child with respect to issue pertaining to child support and visitation. The trial court ordered that the GALs have all rights associated with being a party, and shall serve without compensation.

After a child custody trial was held, the court ordered a reduction in the child support payments by the father to $980 per month. The court reflected the mother’s income of $24,000 per year in making this calculation.  Joint legal custody was awarded to both parties and the mother was awarded primary physical custody with the child’s father having reasonable visitation.

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