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Why People in DC Get Divorced So Soon

According to a recent article from Huffington Post, couples getting a divorce less than a year of entering into a marriage is not only a celebrity thing.  As the author points out, we all know someone who got divorced a short time after marriage.  The question is why a couple would get married when they obviously must have had lingering doubts before the wedding.

One reason was provided from a woman who said she had reservations, but decided to marry her fiancé because he was all she had, and she depended on him for everything.  She wanted to wait, but after hearing about how much he loved her, she decided to go ahead with the wedding.  Six months after being married, she caught him cheating on her. They tied to work things out, but he forgot their one-year-anniversary and went out with the other woman that night.  They were soon divorced. 

One man says he only got married because his girlfriend “guilt tripped” him into proposing.  After the wedding he said she was never home, and became a completely different person.  She said she was robbed and needed his credit card until hers could be replaced.  She quickly ran up thousands of dollars on impulse purchases for things she didn’t need.  Shen then supposedly keyed his car, and said she found someone else.  The marriage ended shortly after this incident. 

While there are a variety of reasons why people decided to get divorced mentioned in the article, the point is, regardless of whether it was mistake to get married in the first place, these people made a brave choice to do what is best for themselves and file for divorce. 

Many people don’t want to get divorced so soon because they are worried about how it will to look to friends and family.  The reality is there is no reason to live a failed marriage, and the longer you do, the worse things will get, and the harder it will seem to end the marriage.  

The best thing you can do if you are in this situation is to contact a Washington, DC divorce attorney so he can discuss your options during a confidential consultation.  This is not to say it isn't every worth going to counseling or trying to work things out, but if you find yourself in an untenable situation, waiting may often make things seem worse.  The longer you are in a marriage the more financially interdependent you may become, and the more joint debt you may accrue.  This does not mean you will find yourself in a position where “you can’t afford to get a divorce”, as this is more of a perceived problem than an actual problem, but acting sooner will often make things less complicated. 

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DC Child Custody and Mental Health Isssues

Child custody cases in Washington, DC can be among the most emotionally draining issues in all of family law.  While a divorce can be difficult to get through, child custody fights can be particularly brutal.  This is especially true when one of the parents is suspected of having a mental health concern.  

Many parents suspect their child’s mother or father may have a serious mental condition, but he or she has never been officially diagnosed. If you are concerned your child’s other parent has a mental illness, which causes you to question their fitness to have custody of your child, you should raise this concern with your Washington, DC child custody attorney.

While you may need some documented evidence of his or her mental health issues to convince a family court judge to take action, it does not require the person to have already been diagnosed with a specific psychiatric condition.  If you are able to identify past or present conduct which calls into question his or her mental state, this may be enough.  Having witnesses to discuss issues that have arisen in the past may also be helpful.

It is also not necessary for you to know from which mental health condition your child’s other parent be suffering.  Your attorney can work with an expert such as a psychologist or psychiatrist to help substantiate your claims. 

Even if a judge is unsure, and not willing to order your child’s other parent to go for an exam, he or she may be willing to order all parties involved to see a custody evaluator with the Department of Behavioral Health for the District of Columbia.  This is true even if you do not have any mental health issues.  Basically this serves as a way to get the other parent evaluated without appearing to single out any one parent.  The judge can justify this order because the main standard in DC child custody cases is to make sure any decision is supported by adequate evidence that it is in the best interests of the child. 

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